I have a dream 8. August 2017 – Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I dream of a place where everyone has the same opportunities; where no human being is perceived as ‘wrong’ because of their gender, sexual orientation, colour, religion, culture, tastes or passions. I dream of a place where people are good, warm, caring, empathetic and open-minded, giving others the same opportunities they have, a place where people love to celebrate and support each other’s individuality.

Too few people are permitted to live out their dreams. Men and women are limited by gender roles, because they were born male or female. People are not able to live as they choose, restrictions imposed upon because of their religion, race, gender and culture. People tend to take their own freedoms for granted – and consciously or unconsciously, they can prevent other people from sharing the same opportunities as themselves. Just because they can. Just because they always have done!

This must end. Everyone should have the same opportunities. We shouldn’t limit each other. We shouldn’t just settle for the status quo because this is how it has always been. We can’t tolerate these unwritten rules and standards – not if we dream of something more, something bigger, something that will make us happier as individuals and better as human beings. We must break through the invisible barriers; tear down the walls that stop people living their lives to the fullest, as long as it doesn’t harm others.

But unfortunately, we live in a world where it is often hard to walk away from the pack. People are quick to judge and will turn their back on those who choose a path that does not conform to the norm or to their expectations. These individuals are excluded or marginalised from their communities – and loneliness becomes a very close friend.

I believe our world will be a better one if we can just live and let live — if those around us can support our right to individuality. If we can just acknowledge, support and embrace all the diversity that we encounter on our journey through life, then we as human beings can achieve a level of society that is unprecedented. I believe that we will all be better for it – that we will create a more positive community…a society where we’re not afraid to be bold, where we dare to be ourselves.

Imagine If I feel your support, if you show me that you believe in me, then I will be more sure of myself and of what I want in life. I will feel positive and happy – a joy that will strengthen my self esteem so that I don’t need to prevent other people from following their dreams. I will have the strength to support you, help others without feeling like it harms my own self-image. And believe me – that generosity will be repaid, and you will receive the strength to fulfil your own destiny. As newborns we know nothing – we smile, cry and sleep. We see the world with open eyes – we are receptive and we don’t judge. Let’s keep that innocence, that openness and only evaluate people based on their empathy and values – and their desire to be the best version of themselves. Very few dare to be themselves and many don’t support others who try to be. But the main point is that we can all be ourselves! My hope is that we will learn to accept and support each other – so the world can become a better place for both you and me.

I have just one point to make. Forget normality. These are the unspoken rules and standards made for those who were lucky enough to be born in the right box. Don’t let those rules and standards limit you anymore.