F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

We guaranty that our products are all made in Italy. The Laurentin Cosmos products are all about high quality and the feeling of luxury and style. We only use the best artisans and materials to ensure our customers a sublime experience.

Laurentin Cosmos is all about dignity, freedom and equal opportunities – and we want to empower this through luxury fashion.

The Laurentin Cosmos shoe collections all come in size 35-46 (US 5-16). Sizes from 42 to 46 are made a bit wider – so the men and women using larger sizes also will feel comfortable.

Regarding production we work closely together with one of the most famous luxury shoes & bags production facilities in Italy. Through 6 generations they have made beautiful shoes and bags for celebrities, royal families – and luxury brands mostly from France and Italy. It’s fun to know that when famous actress Grace Kelly won an Oscar in 1955 she wore a small, beautiful bag made by our Italian partner!

No – we have a dream of making both a uni-sex make-up line and clothes collection removing gender-roles and gender-expectations. Our goal is to remove the traditional perception of masculine and feminine clothes. In the future, we hope that people will be able to enter any store and buy whatever they want to buy within personal style without thinking about the terms masculine or feminine.