Made in Italy High end luxury

As the only luxury brand Laurentin Cosmos design and produce unisex shoes in size 35-46 (US 5-16). Our mission is to provide men and women the possibility to wear high heels no matter the size

One could ask why a woman using e.g. size 43 can’t find a luxury quality high heel in the market? We have changed that. And the same goes for men who enjoys wearing high heels.

We support gender freedom and diversity. And in our small way we try to take part in this movement with our product range and PR activities

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Italian Quality High end luxury

Our businesspartner in Milano Italy has been working with some of the best well-known brands in the world like Christian Dior, Gucci, Prada and Dolce Gabbana.

They have for 6 generations produced high end luxury goods to royalties, celebs – and it is fun to know that when actress Grace Kelly won an Oscar in 1955 she was wearing a small beautiful bag produced by our partner!

We only work with the best high quality leather materials. Our shoes and bags are only made of full-grain calfskin because it is firmer and more well balanced in terms of softness and durability than ex. lampskin. Every piece of leather material are selectively chosen by the best educated specialists working with leather shoes and bags in Italy.

Our bags are all hand made by the the best artisans – deeply detailed and passionated about combining beauty, functionality and strength in every product passing by their work desk.


Our shoes are only made in leather – the insole as well as the sole. The shoes are handcrafted by the best Italian artisans. The shoes are high heels – but we try to form the style as comfortable as possible. We focus on softness, and that the styles are not to narrow and we shape each stiletto or pump making sure that the feet does not “step out” when our customers are wearing them down the street!

As the only high quality high heels brand we have a portfolio of shoes in size 35-46 (US 5-16). From size 42 we make the shoes a bit wider than normal to ensure that the shoe fits perfect!

Each bag and shoe do not leave our production facilities before each shoe and bag has undergone an in-depth quality procedure making sure that each item maintain our high quality standards.